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Journey Within has a variety of classes to help with the healing journey.  We offer sound healing classes, EFT classes and energy play classes too!  Check out our schedule or if you’d prefer a private session, click that option.  We look forward to seeing you.

Yoga & Meditation

Attend one of our group yoga classes or a private session for physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Our classes are designed to promote relaxation and relieve stress, as our instructors take you through poses to increase flexibility and mobility while building strength.  Our talented and experienced group of teachers will guide you through a practice that will make you feel good in your body, bring peace to the mind, and connect you to spirit.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing is an ancient technique practiced by most indigenous groups for many many years.  At Journey Within we use crystal singing bowls and other instruments to bring deep relaxation through the process of entrainment, where the sounds around us help to rebalance the  energy within us.  This is not recommended for anyone with a pacemaker, insulin pump, metal in the body, has epilepsy or is in first trimester of pregnancy.  If in doubt, ask your physician first before joining class.


EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, is a wonderful technique which helps restore balance in our energy systems and brings calm and relaxation.  Based on the meridian system in the body where energy flows, EFT uses touch points on the body which are stimulated through tapping, and this tapping releases blockages and restores balance.  This technique is simple and powerful and anyone can do it.  Classes are designed to teach the technique and to practice together.   

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Yoga Teacher Training

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